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''But although most reports of Powell’s speech focused on inflation, it is arguably the implications for the job market which are the most profound.''


Alan Mudie, Head of Investment Strategy
Societe Generale Private Banking, Weekly Update - Maximum employment - the Fed's new objective, 4 September 2020

Buy and hold

Is it really that simple?

Duncan Macinness, Investment Director
Ruffer, The Ruffer Review, 1 September 2020

Average Inflation Targeting – The Swedish Experience in 1931-32

"Sweden is the only other country to have had experience of price-level targeting, in the period 1931-32. Its experience was mixed, but it may give some clues as to how the Fed’s policy will fare."

Variant Perception Research, September 2, 2020

Imperialism Interrupted

China Gets Snared in its Debt Trap Diplomacy

Danielle Dimartino Booth, CEO & Chief Strategist
Quill Intelligence, May 20, 2020

Hanke’s World Inflation Update

Purchasing power parity provides a more accurate measure of inflation than other widely used estimates.

Prof. Steve H. Hanke
National Review, Capital Matters, August 11, 2020

The Lystrosaurus

One of the foundational ideas of the Zeitgeist is that measuring linguistic similarity is a powerful way to observe what we are being told matters by those who publish most of the words we read in a given day.

Rusty Guinn
Epsilon Theory, The Zeitgeist, June 17, 2020

The Consequences Of “Worthless Cash''

In the second quarter of this year, global equity markets registered their best quarterly performance in two decades. What was behind this record-breaking rebound? A number of explanations appeared possible.

Louis-Vincent Gave
Evergreen GaveKal, July 31, 2020

$1900 Gold Will Depress Growth. So Did $1,200, $500 and $36 Gold

"This is the definition of slower growth. Consumption is the easy part. It’s the abstinence that drives progress as new ideas are invested in."

John Tamny
RealClearMarkets, July 28, 2020

An Inflationary Contraction III

Duration of Debt and The Inflation Reference

Michael Kendall
Man on the Margin, May 25, 2020
Articles: 1-10 / 263
 of 27