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Is There Going to Be a Eurozone Recession in 2020?

The traditional leading indicators are saying different things

Tomasz Wieladek, T. Rowe Price International Economist
T. Rowe Price,  Insights, February 2020

Why Deleveraging Is The True Culprit Weighing On Global Growth

Fears over “secular stagnation” appear to be overdone.

Nikolaj Schmidt, Chief International Economist
T. Rowe Price,  Investment Insights, 6 February 2020

Will the Reflation Theme Continue in 2020?

A closer look at how fixed income markets could perform this year.

Global Fixed Income Team
T. Rowe Price,  January 2020

Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

The “reflation trade” appears real, but risks are still elevated.

David R. Giroux, CIO for Equity and Multi-Asset; Justin Thomson, CIO, International Equities; Mark J. Vaselkiv, CIO of Fixed Income
T. Rowe Price,  December 2019

Economy & Rates

Lessons of 2019

Bruno Cavalier, Chief Economist; Fabien Bossy, Economist
ODDO BHF Asset Management,  December 2019

About the German economic mythology

On the subject of economic policy, some opinion makers in Germany peddle myths, i.e. imaginary tales without a factual basis aimed at pleasing the crowd.

Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy, 4 December 2019

Do Yield Curve Inversions Still Predict Recessions in the Age of QE?

Why central bank stimulus may muddy the waters.

Tomasz Wieladek , T. Rowe Price International Economist
T. Rowe Price,  Market Insights, November 2019

High valuations: quality/growth premium or greater investment risk?

The US is currently experiencing an exceptional period from a microeconomic point of view.

Tristan Abet, Senior Fund Manager
Candriam,  11 October 2019

Why Central Bank Independence Could Become a Thing of the Past

Declining credibility and the rise of populism pose significant challenges.

Nikolaj Schmidt, Chief International Economist
T. Rowe Price,  Insights on Macroeconomics, September 2019
Articles: 1-9 / 9
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