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Deflation Tsunami

Inflation is one of the great economic debates and often leaves big economic thinkers at loggerheads. I am not a financial titan, but looking at the world from 100,000 feet, the conditions are in place for the world to see inflation heading meaningfully lower.

Robert Burrows
M&G Investments,  Bond Vigilantes, 25 May 2023

What Does the Stress in Regional Banking Mean for U.S. Smaller Companies?

The banking sector is an integral part of the U.S. small-cap investment universe

Curt Organt, Portfolio Manager
T. Rowe Price,  May 2023

USD: The King is Dead – Long Live the King

Robert Burrows
M&G Investments,  Bond Vigilantes, 13 April 2023

The return of the King: Cash makes a comeback

For a long time, it has made no sense to keep money under your mattress or invested in cash-like instruments (short dated, fixed return) such as money market funds, without facing an inflation-adjusted loss.

Eva Sun-Wai
M&G Investments,  Bond Vigilantes, 13 March 2023

One Foot on the Brake and One on the Gas

My views on the economic and market implications of the banking turmoil.

Sebastien Page, Head of Global Multi-Asset
T. Rowe Price,  March 2023

Housing market timebomb – is Sweden just the start?

Real estate downturns (defined as two consecutive quarters of falling prices) have been triggered in a number of economies including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Nordics. One area where this trend is playing out most rapidly is Sweden, where house prices are falling at one of the fastest rates in the world.

Eva Sun-Wai
M&G Investments,  Bond Vigilantes, 18 January 2023

Five Key Insights From 2022

Uncertainty persists, but yield is back and fundamentals matter

Timothy Murray, Capital Markets Strategist, Multi‑Asset Division
T. Rowe Price,  January 2023

The 21st Century’s New Berlin Walls

"The world is heading into winter in more ways than one. As economic considerations increasingly take a backseat to social and political priorities in China, the flow of goods, capital, and ideas will likely become more and more constrained – perhaps ending a long summer of freer and more globalized trade and markets."

Michael J. Kelly, CFA, Global Head of Multi-Asset
PineBridge Investments, Investment Strategy Insights, November 2022

Will Signs of Peak Inflation Bring About a Turnaround in “Growth” Stocks?

Headwinds diminishing and valuations now more attractive

Laurence Taylor, Portfolio Specialist
T. Rowe Price,  October 2022
Articles: 1-10 / 53
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