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The truth about growth and value performance

Not all growth stocks have been performing as well, nor value stocks as badly, as you might think.

Duncan Lamont, CFA Head of Research and Analytics
Schroders, 9 February 2021

Bubble trouble

The intention of this note is not to time the market but to bring together recent data points and compare them to the 1999 ‘dot-com bubble’ to provide some perspective. Does the market today still offer attractive investment opportunities?

Jasmeet Chadha
M&G Investments, M&G Equity Team, 8 February 2021

Modern Pandemics: Recession and Recovery

Ma, Chang, John Rogers, and Sili Zhou
International Finance Discussion Papers 1295. Washington: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, August 2020

Where to find shelter from rising inflation

Some investors are worried that inflation is set to rise. We look at which assets are likely to offer the best protection.

Sean Markowicz, CFA Strategist, Research and Analytics
Schroders, 1 February 2021

Where the Street Sees Value

When everyone expects one category to lead, something different usually happens instead.

Editorial Staff
Fisher Investments, 25 January 2021

Yield Curves Are Lower But Steeper Than at the Beginning of 2020

Sovereign yield curves and yield curve slopes

Justin Thomson, Chief Investment Officer, International Equities
T. Rowe Price, Global Market Outlook, December 2020

Waiting for the Last Dance

The Hazards of Asset Allocation in a Late-Stage Major Bubble

Jeremy Grantham
GMO, Viewpoints, 05 January 2021

“Social Justice”

Has to Be a Compromise between Equality and Freedom.

Charles Gave
Gavekal-IS, Publication Nr 84, Risk Measurement, December 17, 2020

Ratings Agencies Meet Realism in 2020

People are starting to notice that credit ratings are mostly symbolic.

Editorial Staff
Fisher Investments, 16 December 2020

Price of a single ticket to Disney World

Actual ticket price vs. 1971 ticket price adjusted for inflation

Giles Parkinson, Portfolio Manager
Aviva Investors, Pricing power is the magic ingredient for equity investors, 27 November 2020
Articles: 1-10 / 256
 of 26