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That was then ! Historical Perspectives on Markets and the Economy

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Events in Time Anniversaries: February 2020

25 years ago: February 1995

50 years ago: February 1970

100 years ago: February 1920

200 years ago: February 1820

Dr. Brian Taylor, Chief Economist
Global Financial Data, February 20 2020

The Spanish Flu and the Stock Market: The Pandemic of 1919

Dr. Brian Taylor, Chief Economist
Global Financial Data, February 27 2020

Reactions around the Market Crash of 1929

In the years shortly before and following the great crash of 1929 most market participants failed to grasp the full scale and length of the unfolding depression. Capitulation finally came after 1932, when the DJIA closed at its lowest level of the 20th century.

Investment Office, February 2020

Currency Competition in Switzerland, 1826 -1850

"Currency competition provided a stable monetary standard in those Swiss cantons that deregulated their financial systems after liberal revolutions in the 1830s and 40s."

Ernst Juerg Weber
Kyklos, Volume 41, Issue 3, August 1988

Direct-Drive Motor Company

Founded in 1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Direct Drive Motor Car Company built automobiles under the brand Champion. In 1923 the Company was renamed as the Champion Motors Corporation (between 1908 and 1923 there were three car brands in the US with the same name).

Investment Office, October 2019

Wars and Financial Panics: Global Bear Markets in the Twentieth Century

"The 1700s was a century of war during which there were five bear markets, each driven directly or indirectly by a European war. The 1800s, on the other hand, was a century of peace, with numerous panics, but only one global bear market which occurred in the 1840s. There were no global bear markets between 1848 and 1912, a 64-year stretch of peace and economic growth.

War hit the world in 1914 when World War I began. Four bear markets occurred between 1912 and 1949. With the world generally at peace after World War II, recessions, sometimes driven by financial panics, were the main cause of bear markets."

Dr. Bryan Taylor
Global Financial Data, Aug 19, 2019

Public and Private Currency Competition


James Bullard
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, July 19, 2019

Four Centuries of Stocks and Bonds in Retrospect

Financial markets have evolved over time. The relationship between stocks and bonds differed in each of the eras that Global Financial Data has designated in the past: Mercantilism (1602-1800), Free Trade (1800-1914), Regulation (1914-1981) and Globalization (1981-).

Dr. Brian Taylor
Global Financial Data, Aug 14 2019

A living artifact from the Dutch Golden Age:

Yale’s 367-year-old water bond still pays interest

Mike Cummings
Yale News, September 22, 2015

Investors and the French Revolution

"Few people realize how active the Paris stock market was during the 1700s. The Paris stock exchange was founded on September 24, 1724, though shares in the French East India Co. (Compagnie des Indes) had traded in Paris for years."

Dr. Brian Taylor
Global Financial Data, 17 April 2019
Articles: 1-10 / 108
 of 11