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Quotes and Excerpts on Capital Markets and the Economy

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Stephen Springham
Knight Frank, The Doomsday of All Scenarios? COVID-19 Market Update, 30/03/2020
Francis A. Scotland, "Coronavirus Pandemic: Do Whatever It Takes"
Brandywine Global, Around the Curve, March 16 2020
Eric S. Rosengren, Observations on Monetary Policy and the Zero Lower Bound
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Six takeaways from Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren’s March 6 remarks at the conference “Current Monetary Policy: The Influence of Marvin Goodfriend”, March 6, 2020
John Mauldin, Chinese Coronavirus Changeup
Mauldin Economics, Mar 07, 2020
Yves Mersch
European Central Bank, “Asset price inflation and monetary policy”, January 2020
Justin Thomson, Chief Investment Officer, Equity
T. Rowe Price, December 2019
Claudio Borio, Monetary and Economic Department
BIS Quarterly Review, BIS, September 2019
Quotes: 1-10 / 109
 of 11