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“Stop saying the market makes no sense!”


Jim Cramer
CNBC, Mad Money, August 3 2020

Now, Zoom is worth more than the top seven airlines combined.

Iman Gosh
Visual Capitalist, May 15, 2020

''Although it may appear that Saudi Arabia and Russia are in conflict, the true foes for both countries are technology and capitalism.''


Brian L. Kloss, Tracy Chen
Brandywine Global, Around the Curve, The End of the World As We Know It?, March 31 2020

''COVID-19 doesn’t actually change anything – it accelerates wider structural change''

Stephen Springham
Knight Frank, The Doomsday of All Scenarios? COVID-19 Market Update, 30/03/2020

Direct-Drive Motor Company

Founded in 1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Direct Drive Motor Car Company built automobiles under the brand Champion. In 1923 the Company was renamed as the Champion Motors Corporation (between 1908 and 1923 there were three car brands in the US with the same name).

Investment Office, October 2019

''A couple of geeks who sketched out some software could destroy Sears Roebuck?''

''A couple of geeks who sketched out some software could destroy Sears Roebuck?''

"60 Minutes" episode from 1999, "Jeff Bezos & Amazon - An Inside Look". The late reporter Bob Simon asked (sneering) an analyst about Amazon highflying stock.

General Electric: The Fallen Giant

"General Electric’s decline has been steady during the 21st century. In 2000, GE’s market cap was over $500 billion and as recently as 2005, General Electric was the largest company in the world. Since then, GE has lost over $400 billion in market cap, and today, GE doesn’t even make the top 50 in the world."

Brian Taylor,  Dr. Brian Taylor
Global Financial Data, 22 June 2018

Market Capitalization Amazon vs. Sears

1999 vs. 2017

Scott Galloway
L2 Inc. December 2017

Changes at the Top

The Five Largest Companies: Now vs. 2006

Scott Galloway
NYU, December 2017
Articles: 1-10 / 24
 of 3