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As the Government and the Bureaucracy expand excessively, they become the Enemy of the People

Dr. Marc Faber
Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, Monthly Market Commentary, November 1, 2023

The new age of conformity and uniformity

InvestmentOffice, June 2023

“The Crowd: a Study of the Popular Mind”

Gustave Le Bon (1841 – 1931), May 2023
''The ten best days of 2023 contributed three quarters of the S&P 500’s total 24% return...''
Alexandra Morris
Skagen, 18 January 2024
''What we have is government of the people, by the bureaucrats, for the bureaucrats!'
Milton Friedman
Cato Institute, speech at the opening of its new building, May 1993
''It’s a funny thing.''
Milton Friedman
Cato Institute, speech at the opening of its new building, May 1993
“Where is the largest line if you go to visit any of the major metropolis cities of the world, and you look for people queuing up for a visa? ''
Hugh Hendry
Kitco News, August 19, 2023

Do you consider yourself a disciplined guy, do you get up every day and work?"

Oh, I try to get up every day!“

Jimi Hendrix interview by Dick Cavett
Jimi Hendrix Talks Life as a Young Musician, The Dick Cavett Show, 1969

"There’s nothing else like it out there. There may be a very good reason for that, but I mean, my thing has always been trying to do what others aren’t doing because nobody can then tell you how badly you’re doing it."

Nick Foulkes
Collectability Podcast, Episode 19, October 2022

Louis Jouvet: "Tu ne me demandes pas ce que contient cette lettre?"

Pupil: "Que contient cette lettre?"

Louis Jouvet: "Dix fautes d’orthographe, quatre fautes de syntaxe, et une protestation!"

Louis Jouvet
Louis Jouvet playing a teacher of dramatic art in the movie Entrée des Artistes, 1938

The Death of Alexander the Great

After his death, the military fought for control over the land Alexander had conquered and this, combined with the silver Alexander had brought from the Middle East, led to one of the first inflations in history.

Dr. Bryan Taylor, Chief Economist
Global Financial Data, August 7, 2023

The new age of conformity and uniformity

Anyone remember Apple's commercial of the late 1990s, ”Here's to the crazy ones”?

InvestmentOffice, June 2023

“The Crowd: a Study of the Popular Mind”

An influential book from 1895 on the social psychology of crowds, originally written in French (“Psychologie des Foules”).

Gustave Le Bon (1841 – 1931), May 2023

Liminal Spaces in Financial Markets

Liminal spaces are understood as physical locations that are transitional in nature, somewhere between origin and destination. Their aesthetics is associated with feelings of eeriness, apprehension, and nostalgia. Now, what would be its equivalent in financial markets?

Investment Office, January 2023

Average Company Lifespan on S&P 500 Index

S&P 500 lifespans continue to shrink

Scott D. Anthony, S. Patrick Viguerie, Evan I. Schwartz, and John Van Landeghem
Innosight, 2018 Corporate Longevity Forecast: Creative Destruction is Accelerating, February 2018

The European Guilds: An Economic Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of European craft guilds through eight centuries of economic history

Sheilagh Ogilvie
Princeton University Press, February 12, 2019

Price of a single ticket to Disney World

Actual ticket price vs. 1971 ticket price adjusted for inflation

Giles Parkinson, Portfolio Manager
Aviva Investors, Pricing power is the magic ingredient for equity investors, 27 November 2020

“Ignorance, there is no authority in the world like it.”


Orson Welles
Orson Welles Talks About Making “Citizen Kane”, The Dick Cavett Show, May 14, 1970