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Quotes and Excerpts on Capital Markets and the Economy

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Nikolaj Schmidt, Chief International Economist
T. Rowe Price Insights on Macroeconomics, Pleasant Recession, Unpleasant Recovery, March 2021
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
During his meeting with writers in preparation for the first Congress of the Union of Soviet Writers, October 1932
Kristi Noem, 33rd and current governor of South Dakota since January 5, 2019.
2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida., February 27, 2021
GDR head of State, Walter Ulbricht
June 15, 1961
Milton Friedman
Tyranny of the Status Quo, San Diego, CA: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1980) p. 115
Michael Walsh
T. Rowe Price Insights, Investment Ideas for the Next 12 Months, December 2020
Quotes: 1-10 / 156
 of 16