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Fed officials’ discomfort is growing with the inflation overshoot: why it will remain cautious

Ainouz Valentine, Deputy Head of Developed Markets Research; Georges Delphine, Senior Fixed Income Research Strategist
Amundi Asset Management,  December 6, 2021

Benchmark Aware or Agnostic?

A practical guide on which investment approach may best suit you.

Thomas Poullaouec, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions APAC
T. Rowe Price,  November 2021

The long decline

Why trend economic growth is set to go on falling

Stewart Robertson, Senior Economist (UK and Europe)
Aviva Investors,  12 November 2021

Change in Political Leadership and the Outlook for Japan

Prospects for stocks look bright amid expected policy continuity

Archibald Ciganer, Portfolio Manager
T. Rowe Price,  Insights on Japanese Equities, November 2021

Combining active and passive investing in Multi Asset: an institutional investor framework

Eric Tazé-Bernard, Chief Allocation Advisor; Matteo Germano, Head of Multi-Asset
Amundi Asset Management,  Investment Insights Blue Paper, November 12, 2021

Rising Inflation Risk and How to Address It

Inflation risk can be mitigated by using inflation-linked bonds, cyclical assets, and high-yielding bonds with low duration

Yoram Lustig Head of Multi‐Asset Solutions, EMEA; Michael Walsh Solutions Strategist, EMEA
T. Rowe Price,  October 2021

Regulatory shifts in China

A new fork in the road?

Amy Kam, Senior Portfolio Manager
Aviva Investors,  12 October 2021

Real estate market update: a sector reborn

As stock markets around the world become ever more expensive, real estate is looking increasingly attractive. So far 2021 has been a story of recovery.

Michael Gobitschek, Portfolio Manager
Skagen, 23 September 2021

Why There’s More to China than Just Big Tech

Mainstream indices are a poor reference point for investors in China

Irmak Surenkok, Portfolio Specialist; Robert Secker, Portfolio Specialist
T. Rowe Price,  September 2021

The Cycle Where Are We Implications for Global Equity Investors

Complex environments need active management to help steer portfolios in the right direction.

David J. Eiswert, Portfolio Manager
T. Rowe Price,  September 2021
Articles: 1-10 / 114
 of 12