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A New York life investents company, CANDRIAM Switzerland LLC, today with offices in Zurich and Geneva, has been providing services to Swiss clients since 1999.

M&G Investments is a global asset manager, serving customers and clients for nearly 90 years since launching Europe’s first ever mutual fund back in 1931.

Founded in 1937 by Thomas Rowe Price, Jr., T. Rowe Price is an independent investment management firm solely focused on providing investment management and long-term results for our clients.


In T. Rowe Price, 1937 von Thomas Rowe Price Jr. gegründet, ist eine unabhängige Investmentgesellschaft, mit dem primären Ziel, Kunden zu helfen ihre langfristigen Anlageziele zu erreichen.


Créée en 1937 par Thomas Rowe Price Jr, T. Rowe Price est une société de gestion indépendante dont l’objectif principal est de proposer une gestion active des avoirs de ses clients sur le long terme.