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A New York life investents company, CANDRIAM Switzerland LLC, today with offices in Zurich and Geneva, has been providing services to Swiss clients since 1999.

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Investment Research

How certain are we of the market trajectory in the second half of 2020?

"The time has now come to assess the speed at which our economies can recover, but also to understand the more structural changes that took place within them."

Nadège Dufossé, Head of Asset Allocation
Candriam,  27 July 2020

Welcome to the Candriam Academy

The world’s first free-to-access accredited training platform for sustainable and responsible investing.

Candriam,  Candriam Academy

Bienvenue à la Candriam Academy

Plateforme de formation gratuite en matière d’investissement responsable et durable.

Candriam,  Candriam Academy

Willkommen bei der Candriam Academy

Wir bieten Ihnen die weltweit erste frei zugängliche und akkreditierte Trainingsplattform für nachhaltiges und verantwortliches Investieren.

Candriam,  Candriam Academy

Benvenuti all’Accademia di Candriam

.La prima piattaforma di formazione gratuita e accreditata al mondo per investimenti sostenibili e responsabili.

Candriam,  Candriam Academy

A Just Energy Transition: Impacts on European Power Producers

European power generation companies are critical actors for the Just Transition to renewable energy. Candriam ESG analysts have surveyed and evaluated whether, and how, these companies are integrating the social consequences into their planning and decisions.

Candriam ESG Analysts Team
Candriam,  18 June 2020

Growth vs Value Style in European Equities: Whiplash!

Since the Global Financial Crisis, Growth equities have significantly outperformed Value equities in Europe. The Value style has suffered from low and falling interest rates. But it was not a straight line!

Geoffroy Goenen, Head of Fundamental European Equity
Candriam,  15 May 2020

Oil and Water? Energy and ESG during the Financial Crash

"Do weak oil prices explain the ESG outperformance, considering that many ESG strategies were underweight the energy sector? Being underweight in an underperforming sector clearly played a role, but not one big enough to explain the ESG outperformance."

David Czupryna, Head of ESG Client Portfolio Management
Candriam,  14 April 2020

En matière d’oncologie, on a fait davantage de progrès ces 15 dernières années que sur tout le 20e siècle !

Candriam Equities L Oncology Impact souffle sa première bougie, l’heure d’un premier bilan.prévention et ses conséquences.

Candriam,  4 Février 2020

Oncology has made more progress over the past 15 years than it did during the whole of the 20th century. 

Candriam Equities L Oncology Impact celebrates its first year: time for a progress update

Candriam,  February 4th 2020

Sugar-Coated Diets: The Hidden Costs of Sugar

"The cost to society is reaching an unbearable level – estimates suggest a full 1% to 2% of world GDP in health costs due to bad diets. The cost is both large, and at the moment, largely hidden."

Solange Le Jeune, Senior ESG Analyst; Wim Van Hyfte, PhD, Global Head of Responsible Investments & Research
Candriam,  May 2019

High valuations: quality/growth premium or greater investment risk?

The US is currently experiencing an exceptional period from a microeconomic point of view.

Tristan Abet, Senior Fund Manager
Candriam,  11 October 2019