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Ken Fisher Debunks:

“Don’t Buy In Until There is Clarity That You’re in a Bull Market”,
Ken Fisher, Founder and Executive Chairman of Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments, 9 December 2022


Fisher Investments’ founder, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer Ken Fisher debunks the myth that investors should wait to invest in stocks until it’s clear a market recovery is underway. After a prolonged stock market decline, many investors believe they should look for an “all clear” signal before entering back into stocks. However, Ken notes that waiting too long virtually guarantees you’ll miss the initial—often swift—rebound typically associated with the start of bull markets. Particularly if you’ve sold stocks during a downturn, waiting to buy back in until after a new market recovery has clearly begun means you’ll lock in losses over that period, which can set you behind in reaching your long-term financial goals.

According to Ken, at the beginning of a new bull market, many investors fall victim to the “pessimism of disbelief”—where any good news is met with pessimism and second-guessing, which can scare investors from getting back into the market. In reality, getting back into the market before a recovery could yield significant upside for disciplined investors.