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Quotes on the Fly

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David Bowie and the Internet vs. "Itís just a tool though, isnít it ?" and "itís simply a different delivery system".
David Bowie speaks to Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight, 1999

...on The Diversification Fata Morgana.
The Diversification Fata Morgana: Capital Account Openness and the Fall and Rise of Stock Market Correlations, 1890-2000 , 2015 , Dennis Quinn and Hans-joachim Voth

...on the Bank of Japan
Hisato Ichimada, Governor of the Bank of Japan, 1946-1954

Shadow Risk in Passive Investing
Artemis Capital Management, October 2017 , Christopher Cole, Founder & CIO of Artemis Capital

...on QQE and Yield Curve Control.
Bank of Japan, Statement on Monetary Policy, September 21, 2017

Away from the tangible towards the intangible.
Fathom Consulting, October 27th 2017 , Thank Fathom itís Friday Ė Are we living in a material world?

...on Quantitative Diseasing in America.
Fisher Investment, Capital Markets Update: Summer 2017 , Ken Fisher

...on Innovation, Blockchain and Banks.
NYU Stern finance professor David Yermack, The Innovation Is the Blockchain, L2inc, Sep 21, 2017

...on the Inflation Paradox
Dhaval Joshi, The Inflation Paradox, BCA Research, Feb 23, 2017

...on the next generation of economic models
Building the next generation of economic models is a priority for the Bank of Canada, Governor Poloz says, 31 January 2017