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Latest Observations

The Infidel and the Professor: David Hume, Adam Smith, and the Friendship That Shaped Modern Thought

David Hume is arguably the most important philosopher ever to have written in English, but during his lifetime he was attacked as “the Great Infidel” for his religious skepticism and deemed unfit to teach the young.

Dennis C. Rasmussen Princeton University Press, 2019

Value investing in the next decade: Is it time to retire the price-book metric?

SKAGEN Global looks at the rise of intangible assets, their antiquated accounting treatment and the profound impact on traditional valuation metrics.

Knut Gezelius, Portfolio Manager SKAGEN Funds, 3. January 2020

The Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns

Annual Returns for Key Indices Ranked in Order of Performance (2000–2019)

Callan Associates Inc., January 2020
Asset Management

Multi-asset allocation views: The pros and cons of higher-yielding fixed income

Sunil Krishnan asks whether higher-yielding fixed income assets remain good diversifiers for multi-asset portfolios in the current environment.

Sunil Krishnan, Head of Multi-asset Funds Aviva Investors, 16 January 2020

Cross Asset Investment Strategy, CIO Views,

Records, surprises and opportunities

Pascal Blanqué, Group CIO, Vincent Mortier, Deputy Group CIO Amundi Asset Management, January 2020

Will the Reflation Theme Continue in 2020?

A closer look at how fixed income markets could perform this year.

Global Fixed Income Team T. Rowe Price, January 2020
Wealth Managers
The Coffee Chronicles

“You know, I’m from a different time, young man, a dark time to you. I’m from a time that I didn’t even used to know who was on the phone until I answered the shit!”

Dave Chappelle Dave Chappelle Learned The Care Bear Stare, Netflix Is A Joke, December 23, 2019

“Stalin had an electric teapot that he operated himself. A round table, located between two of the four windows, held his multiple black telephones (made by Siemens)…”

Stephen Kotkin Stalin, Vol. II: Waiting for Hitler, 1929 - 1941.

"So, how much do you want for this "priceless" item?"

Rick Harrison, Pawn Stars: Rare Boba Fett Action Figure Prototype, January 10, 2016