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Swiss Pension Funds 2019 Q3 Returns
Credit Suisse Pension Fund Index
Credit Suisse, October 2019

Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Admiral Shares
Balanced Composite Index, 2019 Q3 YTD Returns
Vanguard, October 2019

Swiss Pension Fund Indices 2019 Q3 YTD Returns
Pictet LPP 2000 Indices
Pictet Asset Management SA, October 2019

ECB: a critique of the critiques
We will examine here 12 critiques of the ECB to assess if they are fair, appropriate, consistent and if they offer superior alternatives to the ECB’s current policy.
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy, Focus US, 10 October 2019 , Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy

Mind over matter: How we react to an inverted yield curve is more important than the inversion itself
Determining whether an inverted yield curve signals a US or global recession continues to focus the minds of investors in 2019. Mark Robertson explains why our actions will matter more in determining whether a recession is on the horizon than what can be a misleading indicator.
Aviva Investors, 30 September 2019 , Mark Robertson

Why Central Bank Independence Could Become a Thing of the Past
Declining credibility and the rise of populism pose significant challenges.
T. Rowe Price, Insights on Macroeconomics, September 2019 , Nikolaj Schmidt, Chief International Economist

Will the Rust Belt vote for Donald Trump again?
"The trade war with China is apparently not that easy to win, and there is no broad move to repatriate industrial jobs."
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy, Focus US, 27 September 2019 , Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy

Cross Asset Investment Strategy, CIO Views,
Back to school. Back to normal?
Amundi Asset Management, September 2019 , Pascal Blanqué, Group Chief Investment Officer, Vincent Mortier, Deputy Group Chief Investment Officer

Yearly Returns of International Bond Markets in Swiss Francs
(2009 - 2018)
Hinder Asset Management, 2019 , Dr. Alex Hinder

Asset Class Returns in Swiss Francs (2009 - 2018)
Hinder Asset Management, 2019 , Dr. Alex Hinder