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The Incredible Jobs Machine

How can government do the right thing to help productivity and the employment it fosters? Get out of the way. Every government-mandated low-flow toilet, phosphorous-free dishwasher detergent, CFL light bulb, and carbon-emission regulation is another obstacle on the way to a productive, job-creating economy that produces things consumers really want.

Andy Kessler WSJ, July 16, 2012

Creative Destruction in Action

The singular aspect of Moore’s law means that these disruptive forces are becoming more frequent and therefore occurring over a shorter period of time. We should prepare ourselves for some exciting developments over the coming decades.

Altug Ulkumen, CFA, Partner & Chief Investment Officer Lobnek Wealth Management, Newsletter, May 2012

Capturing Value in Global Networks: Apple’s iPad and iPhone

"We find that Apple continues to capture the largest share of value from these innovations (...) China’s role is much smaller than most casual observers would think."

Kenneth L. Kraemer, Greg Linden, and Jason Dedrick University of California, Irvine, University of California, Berkeley and Syracuse University

U.S. Corporate Profit Margins – Highest Ever!

James Montier What Goes Up Must Come Down! - GMO White Paper, March 2012

The Economic Impact of a Lone Business Jet

In those times of private-aviation bashing, here is a very thorough description of the positive economic impact and multiplication-effect related to a single business jet.

Jeremy Cox, January 2012

The Long March of the Euro Communist Economies

"The media all over the world, but especially in France, are presenting the crisis as a financial one, as if the governments and the politicians have no responsibility. This crisis is in fact very typical of a communist system arriving at the end of its ability to borrow and make the productive system service the debt it has accumulated, simply because the productive sector is going bust."

Anatole Kaletsky, Charles Gave, Francois Chauchat GaveKal Five Corners, Volume 12, Issue 24, Monday, December 12, 2011

There will be Oil

For decades, advocates of 'peak oil' have been predicting a crisis in energy supplies. They've been wrong at every turn, says Daniel Yergin.

WSJ, December 2011

Creative Destruction at its Best: The History of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 1896-2010

Over 106 stocks have been a member of the Dow at some point or another.
This chart marks the span of time that each one of these stocks spent in the Dow, and shows the rise and fall of the index over this time frame.

John Paul Koning Financial Graph & Art
Articles: 1-8 / 8
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