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''The war on misinformation seeks false consensus.''

Bret Swanson
Maximum Entropy, February 4, 2022

"The war on misinformation seeks false consensus. If everyone agrees, no one can be wrong. It’s why they go after dissenters with such ferocity. Not just to make sure alternative messages don’t break through. But also because putting dissent on the record exposes the decision-makers to wrongness and thus accountability later. It’s why they demonized Sweden’s traditional but heterodox non-lockdown, non-mask, and ultimately successful approach to the pandemic. Differentiation is the lethal enemy of the bureaucrat.

Censorship both covers up and incentivizes rhetorical and policy maximalism. Authoritarian policies like blanket lockdowns or universal mandates of experimental vaccines require propaganda to enforce. Once the tools of censorship are in place, they encourage policymakers to push the policy envelope far beyond normal bounds because they know they won’t be challenged. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s growing."


This excerpt is from the article HOW THE WAR ON ‘MISINFORMATION’ PROPELLED THE COVID CATACLYSM, by Bret Swanson.