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Aviva Investors Schweiz GmbH


Stockerstrasse 38
8002 Zürich


Tel: +41 44 215 9010




Aviva Investors is the global asset manager who chooses the power of integration.

With €391bn assets under management across fixed income, equities, real assets and multi-assets spanning 14 countries*, our clients can benefit not just from our significant local knowledge and experience, but also from the extensive global investment resources at our disposal.


The future is full of questions. Only by working together can we find the answers. That’s why we integrate our whole business around our clients – their goals, their values, the experience they’ll have when they work with us.


That’s why we start by listening closely and understanding our clients’ investment aspirations and concerns – from low prospective investment returns, to highly correlated asset prices, from the prospect of rising global interest rates to the challenges and opportunities of market volatility. Through our vast collective industry experience, we’ve been through every market cycle, making us better prepared for the next one.


Inspired by our deep client insight, we build solutions that aim to defy uncertainty, answering the questions that keep our clients awake at night. From large institutional investors to individuals saving for retirement, we bring it all together to deliver meaningful outcomes for our clients, now and over the long run.

Integration is our competitive edge and could be yours too.


*as at 31 March 2019


Focus on Responsible investment


Our commitment to responsible investment is fundamental to our goal of delivering the specific and meaningful outcomes that matter most to today’s investor. To do so, we focus on investment integration, active stewardship and market reform.


You can trust that for us sustainability isn’t just a fad. It’s something we’ve been doing for decades. As far back as the 1970s we were holding companies to account by voting at their annual meetings.


For us, responsible investment is a way to get the best possible return for you in the long term. We’ve always believed that companies that conduct their business in a responsible and sustainable way are more likely to succeed over time, benefiting both you and society. Bad practices don’t just hit the headlines, they hit the bottom line as well.


Team Contact


Torben Dunkel
Head of Institutional Client Solutions, DACH

Tel + 49 69 257 826 115






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