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Monthly Pulse, 1. July 2020

Review and Economic Outlook

Dejan Ristic, Asset Management
Clarus Capital, 1. July 2020

Review and Economic Outlook

If a month ago, the world seemed unstable, now the situation looks plain unsustainable. As activity in the world began to pick up, the number of confirmed coronavirus infections exceeded 10 Mio. with the USA leading in absolute numbers. As if this were not dramatic enough, protests have been shaking the world for the past month, again, hitting the US particularly hard. Financial markets, however, still do not seem to be synchronised with the actual events: major indexes are around the levels they were a month ago, S&P 500 non-commercial futures positions have risen since the beginning of June, and even some of the fundamentals appear to pick up. Central banks and governments have thus far succeeded in supporting the economies. But how long will they be able to keep the cash flowing? And what will happen when the major layoffs, expected in the end of this year, start?

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