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Lobnek Newsletter, September 2022

A Sloppy Thermostat

Lobnek Wealth Management,  September 2022

“Luck, effort and ability are often indistinguishable.”

Mieko Kawakami (1976 -), Japanese author.


It goes without saying that the sweltering heat of the summer has probably left a lasting impression on most of the inhabitants of our increasingly “climate change” prone planet, and not without cause. Thankfully, we have air conditioning units that can almost instantly transform the “unbearable” into something pleasant and with the help of thermostats ensure that they stay that way. All this is good in a vacuum, of course, but surely not in a world where fuel prices are remaining elevated long enough to put a dent in our wallets, where climate change is becoming much more than a footnote, and where an increasingly volatile war on the doorsteps of Europe is fomenting an energy crisis that appears more intractable than ever before.

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