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Lobnek Newsletter, November 2020

Boolean Thinking In A Fuzzy World

Lobnek Wealth Management,  November 2020

“As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision”

Lofti Zadeh (1921 - 2017), Azeri-American mathematician and computer scientist


Let’s face it, this year has been like a bad hangover that just won’t go away, like being stuck in a parallel universe that lingers on with no end in sight. Maybe we should be rejoicing that the year will soon be over and that, just as with the “January Effect” stock markets rebound , entering the new year might do the trick and rid us of this terrible hangover. Alas the conditions we face in the immediate future are more than just psychologically driven. The breadth and depth of the uncertainties ahead are such that the best we can hope for at this stage might be that things don’t get way worse than they already are. Not all uncertainties are of the same construct and our cognitive flaws tend to make us more vulnerable to certain types than others.


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