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Lobnek Newsletter, July 2020

The “Before Time”

LOBNEK Wealth Management, July 2020

The global pandemic has been experienced as a singular, traumatic event for most, not so much because of the actual toll or number of casualties, which is comparable to that of the seasonal flu and therefore not remarkable in itself, but mainly because of the radical measures used to contain and reverse its effects. The social distancing and other unprecedented techniques that have been enforced over most populations across the globe over the last few months are major “stressors” that go so much against our social construct that they appear to have altered our behavior in ways that are likely to remain with us for some time to come. We have been conditioned to a new way of life that is sufficiently different from before the crisis started that even the first two months of this year appear to be more distant and hazier than they actually are. These behavior-altering “stressors” have been traumatic enough to make us think in terms of a “before time”, a reference to a period before an apocalyptic type of event .

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