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Lobnek Newsletter, February 2022

Veblen Goods In The Metaverse?

Lobnek Wealth Management,  February 2022

“I can only show you the door, you're the one that has to walk through it”

Quote by Morpheus from The Matrix (1999)


Economics is in many ways like physics, it is a collection of observable “laws” that govern what happens when certain conditions are met. Demand and supply are amongst the more well-known of these laws, the equivalent of, say, the laws of gravity in physics. In its most basic form, the laws of demand and supply state that the demand of a good or service will drop in an almost linear fashion as the price of that good or service increases and vice versa, whilst the supply of that same good or service will tend to increase in response to a ramping up in prices. These tendencies are observable in almost all conditions with the exception of specific cases where there are certain interferences such as substitution effects1 and collusions.

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