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''You’ll never be forgiven for being right."

Neil Oliver
The Jimmy Dore Show, “It’s Going To Get Ugly!” – Says Neil Oliver In Interview w/ Jimmy Dore, 4 June 2024

“People will, are in a hurry to forgive themselves and to forgive each other for this, for the sins that were committed, but what will never be forgotten and will never be forgiven are the people who were just right! They called it right, that willl never be forgiven, that’s unforgivable, having been right about this stuff and say no it goes unpunished, (…) 

You know, if you’re complicit in the general crime and you will, we will forgive each other, yeah I’ll forgive myself, will forgive yourself, yes I’ll forgive you and forgive me and let us all move on, but those characters over there that called it right and asked the right questions, we’ll get them later you know, we’ll let the dust settle but we’ve got their names and addresses, I mean that’s what it feels like, well that’s how you never forgive yeah, you’ll never be forgiven for being right.”


“It’s Going To Get Ugly!” – Says Neil Oliver In Interview w/Jimmy Dore, 4 June 2024