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What legacy will Mario Draghi leave to the ECB?
Could the ECB now revert to its original condition, i.e. an annexe to the Bundesbank?
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy & Rates, 9 April 2019 , Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy

Swiss Pension Fund Indices 2019 Q1 Returns
Pictet LPP 2000 Indices
Pictet Asset Management SA, April 2019

Global economy – Winter Is Ending
The world economy entered 2019 with the bleakest prospects in three years (*). Without pretending to be exhaustive, we think it is worth recalling the three main sources of anxiety weighing on the global growth outlook, before seeing how they have changed over the past three months.
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy & Rates, 12 March 2019 , Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy

Europe: make or break?
In a baseline scenario, our review of economic conditions and risks prompts us to pluck for the first answer: it will make it. In other words, we think there is a higher chance that the Eurozone economy will stabilise and recover in the months ahead than weaken further and fall into recession. Fear of an economic slump can have some virtues.
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy & Rates, 14 February 2019

The Evolution of Swiss Institutional Investor Portfolios
1920 - 2017
Corestone Investment Managers, 2018

A double capitulation
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy, Focus US, 01 February 2019 , Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy

The Berenberg Capital Markets Outlook
Wealth and Asset Management
Berenberg, Horizon handout, January 2019

SYZ Macroeconomic Outlook 2019
Investment Perspectives
SYZ Group, January 2019 , By Fabrizio Quirighetti, CIO, Head of Multi-Asset, and our experts, SYZ Asset Management

The Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns
Annual Returns for Key Indices Ranked in Order of Performance (1999–2018)
Callan Associates Inc., 2019

France: implications of the “yellow vests” movement
In a few short months, the “yellow vests” movement (gilets jaunes) has changed the way France is viewed in the economic and political spheres. The negative impact on the pace of activity seems modest, transient, limited to some sectors. On the contrary, the impact on the business climate and household confidence is extremely brutal.
ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets, Economy, Focus France, 16 January 2019 , Bruno Cavalier, Fabien Bossy






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